Polo Helmet, Reinvented.

Our collection of Armis helmets for 2022 will soon be available for wholesalers. Signup for our new wholesale site to secure your stock.

Online Shop for Wholesale Clients

We have just released the new online store for Armis wholesale clients.

Access to our store with wholesale discounts requires an account. Apply for your account using the link below.

Product configurations in 2022

This year Armis will produce helmets in 3 standard colours — Black, Navy and Grey. The amount of customisations that are possible will be limited to 3 letter initials and logo.

Shadow Black & Rose Gold Limited Edition Helmet

We have just received a shipment of a limited edition run of 30 Armis Rose Gold Helmets, which includes the same metallic wrapping as the one used in luxury sports cars. Availability for wholesalers of this product will be limited to 10 units.

Only 1 helmet will be allowed per wholesalers, while the wholesale stock lasts. If you are interested in the limited edition Armis helmet head over to our wholesale portal to preorder it.

2022 Stock

Indicate how many helmets you'd like to purchase while applying for wholesale account. We will do our best to meet your order, but our stock in 2022 is limited.

2023 Pre-Order

Make sure you have enough stock in the upcoming year by pre-ordering your helmets. 15% reservation fee applies.

Limited stock and preorders

Due to manufacturing delays which were the result of the COVID lockdowns, we can only produce a limited quantity of helmets this year, while fulfilling all of our previous orders.

While applying for your wholesale account you can indicate how many helmets you'd be interested in purchasing this year. However we can't guarantee that we will be able to meet the demand from all wholesalers.